Modern Wallachian pub
in the heart of Vinohrady

Welcome in Výčep. We server great Dalešické pivo beer a create unique dishes out of produce we hunt, catch, grow, make in house, or get from our favourite farmers.


Best stop of the day


Wallachian feast with friends or family


Made in Czechia or at our bar


The best of Czech and Moravian vineyards

Just like at grandma's house

We make everything in house - our bread, cheeses or salamis. We stomp sauerkraut, make compotes, kombucha and brandies. Is it worth the effort? There´s only one way to find out.

Feast at a big table

Sunday lunch or an evening celebration with the whole family or friends? Our big table will fit everyone.

Get in touch!

+420 720 120 100

opening hours

A date or a party

A quick lunch, romantic dinner or a wild party?
Come as you are. It's all good!
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